We know our ingredients and know where they are from. Like that we assure a high quality, which comes for us first. We buy all our ingredients from our regional partners and pay attention to a fair and sustainable production.



Not only the preparation of our Hotdog creations is something special, so is the quality. Our exclusive sausage specialties are produced in a family-run company in Munich, not far from the Oktoberfest site. Already in the 2nd generation, the finest specialties have been produced here for more than 60 years, which receive annual awards for quality and innovation. We bring the traditional taste of Bavaria into the world!



The pretzel sticks have a typical brown and shiny skin and a strong taste, which they traditionally get from the wheat dough, which had been leached before baking. Exactly this taste is in combination with our Bavarian Hotdog variations unique! Another reason why we keep producing at our regional and local bakery.



Our mustard is not just any mustard.

Our mustard variations are perfectly aligned creations for every single Bavarian Hotdog.

Traditional ingredients such as mustard seeds, horseradish, honey, brandy vinegar, spices and herbs are used, but also mango or curry find their place in our modern Bavarian Hotdog mustards and sauces.